Looking some help to level up my timesheet!

Hello there !

I started to use coda, and I have to say it’s an amazing tool ! So first of all tahnks for it =)

I’ve started to work on a Project management tool inside of Coda and basically what it does is creating a liste of every project we’re working on with people in charge, status etc… Pretty simple !

I started to create a timesheet, I “duplicated” it to make individual timesheets, so everyone can fill the it’s sheet and it fill the big one automatically !
But I would like to push it to the next level and wanted to now if there’s a way to clean all the individual timesheet everyday but keeping datas in the main one ? (I guess yes but not with the same tble)

I found this template: https://coda.io/t/Clocking-In-a-Timesheet-Gmail_tf229A0YZ1g
It’s almost perfect, but the thing is in the timelog it duplicates everyday, even if it’s the same project, I wanted to know if it’s possible to increment the project everyday and not creating a new row ?

I’ve no idea if i’m clear but hope so and hope someone can help me !
You can check my Coda here if needed: https://coda.io/d/Project-Management_dTbVR54POJg

Looking forward, Thank you very much !!

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Hey @aurelien_malagoli, welcome!! :scream_cat:

This is totally possible… I think what I might do here is add an extra filter on each of the views you created. You could filter the individual views to show rows where thisRow.Created().ToDate()=today()

This means that you can only see the timesheet from today, if there is one. Your final formula, for example for your “Team Member 01” timesheet table, will end up being [En Charge].Contains([Team Member 01]) and thisRow.Created().ToDate()=Today()

Some fun ideas to level your timesheet up :muscle:

  • You could turn the individual person views into Detail views, so people can enter their timesheet info into a vertical layout that you create
  • You can also even create a button to add a new row to the table, to make it easy for anybody to add a new timesheet row
  • You could compress the separate per-person views into one view called “my timesheet”, and use the User() formula to always show the timesheet for the user looking at the doc, something like this!
    • [En Charge].Contains(User()) and thisRow.Created().ToDate()=Today()
    • To do this, though, you’d also need to make your En Charge column into a “People” column instead of a “lookup from table” – this allows you to choose users who you’ve shared your doc with as values in that column

Anybody have more ideas for cool timesheet level-ups?


So cool thanks for all of this !!

I’ll go play with it and step up my project.

Thanks again =)