Lookup data from another doc

Hi @Piet_Strydom

Thanks for sharing.
I have spent so many hours to learn how to do simple things in Code that in Excel would take me like 5 minutes. After two weeks of intense struggle I have kinda gave up and will use Coda for tasks & to-do’s rather than for budgets as it is so easy to screw something up and that isn’t something you want to do in accountancy :slight_smile:

If you ever have budget-like sample doc you have created and wish to publish I would be excited to see how you wrote the code to get all the calculations accurate.

Thanks everyone for involvement!


HI Linda,

I am a firm believer in using the tool best suited for the job. So my budgets are still in Excel, my unstructured information is in Roam Research, my more structured information in CODA.


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