Make a default view for a table

Hello community!

I feel like this is probably an obvious solution that I am missing, any help appreciated. I have a master table with a view that I would like to propagate down to any views off of that table, and then I would just filter the data accordingly. I have hidden certain coulmns, grouped by another coulmn etc and would like that to push down the line.

What am I missing?

Dear @erik,

I assume you are looking for the “interactive filters”?

@Jean_Pierre_Traets Thanks for the response! So I have the main table filtered how I want, but that view doesn’t push down.

As an example look at the client + template monitors page of my doc. Then take a look at the fake company “IT Forever”. It has a different view. Is there a way to either push the master view down, or save that view so I just have to click a button and add the filter for the company i’m looking for?

Hi @erik,
not sure if I correctly goy your point, but have a look at the new -> ANY Customer page I added.
It basically implements what @Jean_Pierre_Traets was mentioning with his post.

This way you don’t need different views per each customer, which simplifies the work a lot.

Please, let me know if I’m going to the right direction.

@Federico_Stefanato Oh wow! Right now I’m creating a seperate view for each customer, I think that would cut down on my work a lot. I’m going to test this out in the real doc, where I have a lot of customers and see how it works. I’ll report back. This community is awesome.


It is indeed! :upside_down_face:

Looking forward to receiving your updates.

Hi @erik,

also, have a look at the Tags column: in order to have a “clean” list of tags, the formula should be:
[Automation Template].[Select Tags] -> The list of list of tags coming from the lookup
.ListCombine() -> flattened in a single list
.Unique() -> taking only unique values
.Filter(CurrentValue.IsNotBlank()) -> and removing blank values


So this is really cool and It works much better than I had before. I’m looking to filter the select list to display customers that are only on a certain platform (Automate or N-Central). Can’t seem to figure out the formula though. I have if(customers.platform=N-Central,Customers.Customers) doesn’t seem to work.

Any thoughts?

Hi @erik,

maybe you can have a look at the Filter() formula.

So, in your case, it would be: