Make a 'template' table for any 'project'

We create a new ‘section’ for each project we have.

Each project has a similar need for ‘subtasks’, that we don’t want to track as part of our main team backlog (as these would be slightly too detailed for that, would get too messy)

So it would be really nice if we could have a ‘project template’ section which includes the blank table with the columns we use.

However currently, I don’t think you can ‘copy paste’ a table, as it will create a ‘view’ of that same table.

Let me know if I’m wrong though!


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Hi Sam,

When you create a copy of the table, it will give you an option to “duplicate data instead” -that should create a new table.

Thank you.

p.s slightly related to your use case:How to create a set of records every time a new record is created in table


Awesome! So I guess my only suggestion then would be to make this more clear, as I did not notice this popup so it makes it risky to have as our solution for everyone. As it will be annoying if someone forgets to click that due to it not being that visible. Thanks!!

Would be awesome if we could add our own templates and manage/reorder them when creating a new section:


Ah yes that’s a great idea!