Make column values "personal" like filters

Seems the answer is no but I’m trying to make a form out of a Table with rows of checklist items and “notes” per checkbox list item from a reviewer doing an audit.

However, the values on the page are shared between all users using the form, making it impossible to use simultaneously.

If I could make the value Personalised, then I can use a Button to copy the values into another Table, while allowing multiple users to use the table at the same time.

I could use a form with a relation column, but the form becomes really ugly as there are a lot of checklist items, and it is not user friendly to edit.

Is this a question?

I am trying as hard as i can, but without a sample doc I can’t even start to figure out what you are trying to accomplish. Maybe it’s just me?

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Woops sorry for the late reply.

Basically, I want to expose a form that looks like a table.

We’ve worked around it with lots of buttons.

Thanks for trying :slight_smile: