Make viewers able to change one column value and not the others!


So I have this table. And I as a owner of this document can change the toggles in the column “Favourites” how ever I want. This also means I can have the cool “Canvas Control” that can filter on my favourites. But now I want to make this table available for everyone. And I want everyone to be able to change the favourites column without changing the table for everyone else.

This way each user of my table can have their OWN favourites and filter the table to only show favourites. Everyone should be able to pick their favourite in my table by using the toggle, and then filter by it.

Unfortunatly, this is not possible AFAIK I cant change editing options for a single column? And even if I could I want it to be current/viewer-specific.

Is there a clever way to do this with formulas or other trickery?

Hi @Siniom and Welcome to the Community :partying_face: !

I’ve got to ask :blush: : What do you mean by “everyone” in this case ?

I’m asking because you could potentially envision a system where people would register as “Users” in in your doc and instead of using checkboxes to save their favourites from your [Favourites] table, let them select options from a relation field …
(They wouldn’t necessarily need to register as users per se, but using a form, they could select options from the [Favourites] table. Then, who selected what could be retrieved using CreatedBy())


In the screenshot below, at the bottom, I have the table [Favourites] storing all the favourites available…

To its right I’ve created a [Users] table where I’ve added myself (the user highlighted in blue) and my other self (:sweat_smile:).
In the same table, I’ve added a manual multi-select relation field linking the [Favourites] table to the [Users] to be able to select any favourite I want … Which I did for both of my accounts :blush:

When I added the [Favourites] relation field in the [Users] table, I’ve also added its linked relation field, gathering back who selected what as their [Favourites] (so this info can be used later) :blush:

Now, just above those 2 tables, there’s the filtered view of favourites ([View of Favourites]) which will display the favourites by User() (the user currently looking at the doc) and if the toggle above is toggled ON (otherwise, it won’t display anything in the view) using this formula :

If(MyFavourites,thisRow.Users.Any(User = User()) ,"")

The result is that depending on which account I use to view the doc, the [View of Favourites] will only display the favourites tied to that specific account :blush:

This is just an idea :innocent: and it might not fit your use case though :blush:

This is genius! I’m quite new at coda. I come from Notion mostly, so the capabilities are slightly different. So thank you for showing me.

I think this actually could be my use case! I’m already trying to implement it but I ran into some problems. Would it be possible for you to embed your example so I can look at the formulas and whatnot?

Earlier, what I came up with was a slightly clunky workaround where each user, get to copy the whole doc to their coda and then get to use the favourite section to create their own list. See screenshot.

But your solution would mimic that behaviour without having the user have to leave the original document! So that is fantastic :smiley: I’m going to see if I can implement this immediately.

But now I want to ask you. You mention:

(They wouldn’t necessarily need to register as users per se, but using a form, they could select options from the [Favourites] table…

So there is a way I could do this without them creating a coda account? This wouldn’t really be a dealbreaker. But since this document is going to be shared to a large number of users that probably don’t use the coda at all it would be really nice to not have that must. (I wouldn’t have a problem with Coda getting some more publicity tho , coda is awesome :star_struck:)

Thank you for all your help! One of the best replies I’ve got on a support forum ever! :heart_eyes:

I’m having troubles implementing your idea :confused: If you could share your document either here as an imbed or some other way it would be really helpful! :heart:

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