pack stopped working after trial (I've subscribed)

We’ve been trying out the pack for 14 days, and now that the trial has ended we’ve subscribed to the pack ($4/month) as we’ve integrated it into our workflow. However, after the subscription was made – no webhook ping actions (via buttons) go through. Our workflow that worked great before the trial ended does not work today.

  • I’ve deleted the API keys and regenerated them.
  • I’ve removed the access to my account.
  • I’ve reconnected the account in Coda.
  • I even created a new account.
  • I’ve created a new doc.
  • My colleague has also tried the above with his own personal Coda & Make accounts.
  • I’ve created new webhooks in

Nothing worked to solve this issue. All actions result in the error:

Make (Integromat) error
Failed to take action in Make (Integromat)

I cannot find any error logs for pack actions in Coda and according to the logs nothing has tried to ping the webhook (empty log).

Has anyone had this issue before? We just upgraded to Teams (from Pro) in Coda due to us reaching the automation limit. Now automations aren’t running at all. So this might be related and I’ve contacted Coda support, but I’m asking the community just in case. If I get a response from Coda support I’ll update this thread with the result.

This sounds like this issue may be related to this specific Pack. Therefore, the pack maker is going to be the best source of support with this issue, as we cannot make changes to a third party pack directly. You can do this by reaching out to them at their support contact listed in the About tab for the Pack.

If it is a bug, we recommend sharing what browser you are using, screenshots, or a screen capture of the undesired behavior, and sharing the steps taken that present the issue.

If it is a feature request, we recommend sharing how enabling this feature would impact you and your team, how you would like to use it, and how badly you want this on a scale of 1-4.

Please keep in mind that Pack makers are not required to implement any feature requests.

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