Managing work reports or delivery notes

forgive me for asking.
Does anyone have an example or template for managing work reports or delivery notes for commercial and technical use?

I’m trying to do it, and since I don’t have much idea, I’m running into a lot of difficulties.

I don’t know how once a work report has been created, through another button or form to be able to search and edit it.
it’s possible?
And besides, can a delivery note be made where the salesperson makes an estimate?
These are delivery notes where the salesperson enters a client, performs the visit report and incidentally creates the budget (services, quantities,…) then the technician performs a free installation and then the salesperson closes (sells or not) the delivery note.

as you see?

Hey there,

There are many ways you could set this up within coda. A great place to get started and to see what is possible is our Gallery. Here you can look at other peoples docs by type, and pick and choose what you like about each.

Hello, has this been resolved? If not, let me know and we can work together to make a doc that addresses this.