Markdown in canvas column

Is there a way for me to take something like this (I tried copy paste into here but it formats it nicely lol):

and format it nicely with images and links in a canvas column?

Hi @Sarah_Arminta

Coda indeed supports markdown, and you can create very fun stuff, here are what tools you have (like mardown)

  • Level H1, H2, and H3, underline, italicize, bulleted item
  • if you want to create a link, just Ctrl+K, the you can even change the display (as card for example here)

You also have can divid space using /colums, also have visual line break using ***

You should investigate a little bit in all option available when typing the magic key “/” :wink:

Please let me know if you need additionnal informations


Thanks for the reply. I guess I wasn’t clear.

I have what is in my screenshot being pulled in via automation/

I don’t know how to convert it via formula into something better to look at, with the links and images rendered.

I struggle with this too. After some searching I discovered that markdown isn’t generated automatically when using Make (I use it too). Sadly, we have to do without for now.

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