Master Filter for Multiple Charts and Formulas from the Same Table

Dear community members, I am trying to create soemthing that looks like the format below:

Start of Page
Filter A
Filter B
Filter C

Text: Formula A
Text: Formula B
Text: Formula C

Chart A

Chart B

Chart C

Master Table

End of Page

All the filters, formulas and charts come from the same Master Table. Is there any way I could create a Master Filter such that when I change Filter A, B or C, the changes will be instantly reflected in Formula A, Formula B, Formula C, Chart A, Chart B, Chart C and the Master Table?

Currently, for formula, I haven’t found any way to link to the filter.
For charts and the Master Table, I have to go and use the filter on individual charts to get what I want, which is annoying as I have quite a few charts on my page.

Hi @Christopher_Lim and welcome to the Coda Community!

I would recommend you to take a look at controls.
Here is an article about it: Canvas control basics | Coda Help Center

If I have understood your issue correctly, controls should be the appropriate solution for your problem. You need to set all filters to be based on the control value.

Hope that helps.
Please let me know if you have any more questions.