Measure What Matters OKR Starter Kit Launched on Product Hunt


Hi everyone, if you would like to get started with OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), we launched a template today called the Measure What Matters OKR Starter Kit. We worked with John Doerr’s team (author of Measure What Matters) to create this template that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to create OKRs.

We would appreciate your upvote on our Product Hunt launch here!



I am very curious to test your solution.

Since we are based in EU, I wanted to check your compliance with GDPR first.

I have found these…

…but I did not find your company name listed here:

Any plans on listing?

Being a consultancy in finance sector we have to take GDPR seriously.

Any other advice or hints regarding this issue?

Kind regards


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Hi Bjorn,

Coda is GDPR compliant, but we have not yet gone through the self-certification process on

We are looking into this process and will likely move forward with it, but don’t have a timeline yet. It should be pretty straightforward, but like anything involving lawyers might take longer than we’d like :slight_smile:


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