Meeting room reservation platform

Hi, I am currently struggling to create a coda platform of a meeting room reservation. Normally, the user should have the ability to scan a QR code from a meeting room, which will select the room he or she wants, check the availability and then reserve with the date and time he or she wants, showcasing the person who reserved.
I would love any input you could give me. Thank you!

hi @Tazi_Ghita , welcome and this interesting question already provoked @Paul_Danyliuk to provide a way to solve this puzzle :slight_smile:

enjoy the learnings!


What could be kind of cool is:

  • Create a form that allows for users to reserve rooms
  • Utilize hidden fields and pre-filled fields and then use the Barcode pack and QR() formula to generate a unique QR code leading to a unique pre-filled form tied to the room that people are trying to reserve
  • Utilize a formula passed through to a field in the form that confirms what room they are attempting to reserve.
  • Has a “name” field so they can reserve

Let me know if you have any questions! Thats just the very skeleton of an idea, but I actually use a lot of forms, QR codes, pre-filled links, etc in Coda so you can definitely do it

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