Meeting Sheduler

I tried to work off the idea that @Scott_Collier-Weir had for his Calendly solution but I have hit a wall. I have created this doc which has the availability of three different people referenced by different tables. What I was trying to do is when you clicked on the Schedule Button, after picking the person who you were trying to schedule the meeting with, you could see their available times to actually send the meeting request. Each person has different availability times.

The doc is located here Meeting Schedule

Any input or help would be appreciated.

Hi @Terry_Stagg , thanks for reaching out and happy to help here! From what I can tell after taking a quick look at your doc, it appears as if the form you’re trying to use linked to your scheduling button does not exist in your doc. You will need to create a form that’s linked to your people’s availability. As you’ll notice in the form, the “Time” section is informed by a formula, but this is broken because you don’t have the form existing in your doc.

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