Meetings and Agenda Management

This might be just a broken record concerning Coda and improved meeting management with Zoom and calendar packs, but I just had to pile on because this approach squeezes a lot of steps out of the process, and I hate more steps.

With this approach I can create a meeting in about 15 seconds with a rich agenda, that automatically creates the calendar event and the invitations. A drudgery transformed into a delightful fire-and-forget three step task.

It’s pretty nice to have an automated system that blends the agenda with the invitation, and of course, the agenda can come from collaborators too.


Saved minutes just keep stacking up.


Quite a nice setup there! :slight_smile:
Unfortunately we use Microsoft services (for example Teams and MS Exchange), when I steal some time would have to figure out is it possible to do something similar with those service.
At the moment we have system for mailing Meeting reports to all participants, but this kind of system would be a welcome upgrade :smiley:
I would also add option for “in person” meetings as we have also meetings in our offices and not only online.

When designing systems that attempt to coordinate people for specific times (and/or places), it’s important to think about the communications and publishing requirements in abstract terms. The system must have the agility to recognize that distribution of content and details could flow to people as well as physical proxies such as a kiosk display outside a meeting room.

Email is likely one of many pathways to keeping people informed, but as this famous person once said -

Email is Where Knowledge Goes to Die

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That’s actually pretty well said. I felt the same way many times… but for many people its still a necessary requirement “send me email” :face_exhaling:

This is slick @Bill_French. I’d love to get a template.

I’ll see if my company wants to make it openly available.

If they do (and offcourse its totally understendable if they dont want :slight_smile: ) I would also like to take a look!