How to create Zoom meeting invitation from coda?

Hi all,
I am new in Coda and would like to set up a bouton “Create Zoom meeting invitation from coda”?
Can someone help me out?
Thanks a lot,

welcome @Jerome_THOMAS ,
did you check this : Meetings made easy: Coda's app for Zoom
cheers, Christiaan

Hi Christiaan,
Yes I looked at it but it does not explain on how to “Create Zoom meeting invitation from coda”.
Any others idea?

nope @Jerome_THOMAS , I never use this. I came across the link and that is why I shared it. Did you check the packs:

cheers, Christiaan

Hi @Jerome_THOMAS :blush: (and welcome to the Community :partying_face: ! )

Would this help you :blush:

There is a section in this page title " Creating a meeting on-behalf of a User via a button" which uses this Action formula (which I think might be what you were looking for :innocent: ) :

:point_right: CreateMeetingForUser(account, userId, topic, start, end, agenda, password)

There’s also the Zoom Pack :blush:

Yes, this is what I am looking for. I will check it out and give you feedback. Thanks :wink:

It looks like I must upgrade my free to a paid account, isn’t it?

Ah yes… I didn’t check that (sorry :confused: )

From Coda’s Packs page, the Zoom Pack is free but ZoomAdmin Pack is indeed only accessible if you have a Team Plan :no_mouth:

I was about to upgrade to Pro plan (not the Team plan), so it does not make sens to get the Pro plan if Zoom Admin is not available. Don’t you think?

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