Launched: Coda is now a part of the Zoom curated Essential Apps

It’s no secret that Coda runs on Coda. We use our product in every aspect of our jobs—to brainstorm ideas in real-time, run effective meetings that lead to tangible outcomes, and to socialize with our distributed teammates. While our meetings center around a Coda doc, we gather in Zoom to bring the team together.

That’s why we launched the Coda app for Zoom in July 2021. With the app, teams can bring Coda docs directly into their Zoom meeting window—eliminating the need to fiddle with share settings and link the doc in the chat. And now we’re excited to announce what’s next for the Coda and Zoom partnership: Essential Apps.

Coda is now featured as part of the Zoom curated Essential Apps. Essential Apps help teams grow and manage their business by optimizing their meetings to be more effective and inclusive. The Coda app for Zoom, bundled with Zoom curated Essential Apps, lets teams host more collaborative forums by bringing meetings notes, project specs, action items, and teammates into one organized space.

A free trial of Coda’s Pro plan is included for teams using Zoom One Pro, Business or Business Plus subscriptions. Learn more.


To run your next meeting using Coda’s app for Zoom, check out our set up instructions. And if you’re looking for more ways to use Coda and Zoom together, get inspired in our Coda + Zoom start guide.


just excellent :slight_smile: @Shaonan_Zhang


Thank you @Thierryvm !


Nice :gift: looks great! Congrats :tada:


@Shaonan_Zhang, thanks for sharing, great to hear that the Coda app has now been elevated to curated-status within Zoom!

I love collaborating with clients on a Coda doc as an app within Zoom, and find that it proves very powerful in increasing user adoption, when clients see how easy it is to collaborate on a doc live during a call, without the need to share doc-URLs, access, etc prior to doing so.


I subscribed to Zoom One which is supposed to include Coda Pro, but even when I installed the Coda app in my Zoom account, my Coda account is not upgraded.