Synchronized Coda Document Viewing

Amidst the backdrop of the C-19 Pandemic and Zoom’s rat-meat infested sausage, it might be a good time to think about a feature that allows us to make group presentations using Coda documents coupled with independent audio communications.

Imagine opening a shared Coda document that is placed into sync-view mode. Your actions in presenting the document are reflected across all reader’s views. A little magic should make this feature possible.

Such a feature would provide a way to avoid the security and ToS issues that Zoom has while providing a closed and secure presentation conduit for even the most sensitive content. Audio connectivity would then become independent of the sensitive content sharing and could happen over any VoIP or direct cell phone network. We could continue to use Zoom but avoid the security sh*t-show under the covers.

I use Coda docs in almost all my presentations. I broadcast over WebEx, Zoom, etc - it’s really an ideal way to walk people through deep technical conversations because of its ability to produce linear and non-linear presentations.


Hi @Bill_French,
this is something I was thinking since a while: I totally second your suggestion!


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