Launched: Coda's app for Zoom Meetings

We’ve said it before, and we’ll keep on saying it: Coda runs on Coda.

We use our own product for everything—from running effective and inclusive meetings, to documenting the outcomes of those meetings, to evaluating designs, and hosting the occasional social hour trivia. But if we’re being honest, we’ve relied on Zoom to make all of that possible over the past year. In a socially distant and fully-remote year of work, we’ve used Zoom for so much more than our usual business needs, bringing Codans together for company kickoffs, tag-ups, weekly demos, 1:1s, social hangs, birthday celebrations, and so much more.

That’s why we’re so excited for today’s Zoom Apps launch.

Zoom Apps are seamless integrations of apps you use every day into your virtual meetings. While we already have our own Zoom Pack that brings Zoom functionality into your Coda docs, the Coda app for Zoom brings Coda directly into the Zoom experience.

Previously, when using a Coda doc to guide a meeting, we’ve opened the doc (or created a new one), adjusted the sharing settings, and shared the doc in Zoom chat. The Coda app for Zoom allows you to use a Coda doc directly in the Zoom meeting with templates optimized for effective and inclusive meetings.

In addition to saving you some presentation hassle, we’ve also made it easy to find Coda’s most useful templates for running great meetings. Now, right in your Zoom meeting, you can:

Docs you create natively in Zoom will automatically be added to your Coda workspace, so you can quickly email out decisions or revisit hot topics after your video meeting has ended.

Read here for more details on how to use Coda’s app for Zoom. And if you’re looking for a refresher on other ways to use Zoom and Coda together,visit our Help Center for more details on the Zoom Pack.


This update remind me of when I go to my 4-year old and tell her to draw a truck. She turns to me and say “I can’t, but I can do that.” and draws a flower. :wink:


Sounds very interesting, but can you help me understand these two things:

  1. Does every Zoom participant have to install the Coda app or just the meeting manager?

  2. What are the benefits of using the Coda App for Zoom versus sharing your screen with the Coda doc and sending everyone a link to the Coda document? Is it just that you no longer need the logistics of sharing a link for people to open the document, or is there more to it?


No way. This is so amazing


This fits brilliantly into a Doc that I am busy building on collating requirements and design information from distributed teams.

Your meeting needs that I didn’t even know I had! (Pun intended)


Agreed, some more information would be nice. I don’t like having to do a test run with someone before I try it out with the group.

Speaking from a user perspective, I really appreciated this addition. We run our meetings with a “Dory” where we can enter questions and upvote them. Here is a doc with the many different versions we use: Team Meeting Starter Kit for 2021

I usually have a window up with the faces of others in the meeting, a window with the screen someone else is sharing, then a window up with the doc so I can enter questions and vote. With the zoom/coda app, it’s now just one window on my widescreen monitor with faces on one side and the doc that is editable right in zoom on the other side.

You can get by without it, but it is really nice to share something and have it be collaboratively editable right in zoom.

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