Launched: Zoom Pack

We’ve partnered with the team at Zoom to bring you the Zoom Pack for Coda! With this new pack, you can create new meetings, fetch Zoom meeting or webinar info, and then manage it in a table using the meeting URL or ID.

Available columns for meetings and webinars include:

  • Columns for meeting information: Topic, Agenda & Duration
  • Columns to facilitate meeting & media access: Join Link, Play Link & Download Link (for recordings)
  • Columns to provide core Zoom meeting information: ID, UUID, & [Date and Time] Created

You can use these columns to build tables that let users join the correct Zoom meeting with a click of a button, access meeting recordings in one centralized location, or even pair the Zoom Pack with other packs like Slack, GMail and Google Calendar to build your own end-to-end meeting management and notification system.

You can use the pack to create custom tables that sync across your docs (as in the above example), or quickly insert tables from your Zoom account information, like “My Meetings” or “My Recordings.”

Note that, as with other third party packs, you’ll need to authorize with Zoom to allow Coda to connect when you install the Pack. To do so, simply type “/zoom” or search for Zoom in the Explore panel to select the Pack, and proceed with the authorization flow. (Tip: It helps if you are already logged in to your account at prior to doing so.)

The Zoom Pack is available for all Coda Plans, although Makers on the Free Plan may have to refresh some table data manually.

We hope this makes your videoconferencing and meeting management a bit easier and less stressful. (If you want to relieve even more stress, be sure to check out this doc with a host of virtual Zoom backgrounds to browse, or consider these Zoom Happy Hour games!)



This integration comes at an opportune time with Zoom becoming the go-to video calling app. Hurrah!


Love this!

You just keep knocking it wayyyy out the park :smiley: keep up the amaaazing work team Coda!

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This is great, I’ve been using Zapier so far for such functionality.

Considering people in Zoom meetings are often across multiple-timezones, is the next step going to be builtin timezone conversion formulas? So we don’t have to make them ourselves.

Hi Balupton,

What specific formulas are you looking for? We already support getting timezone offsets for the current browser and document timezones. Can you also outline a bit more about how you’d make use of them too?


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@nigel can you grab a time on - I’ll demo you the private coda document I am working with.

Thanks, @BenLee will follow up with you.

Hi @balupton.bevry,

Can you say more about what you’re needing to do? Is this a group doc and everyone is in a different timezone reading the same information, or is this an individual doc?

We don’t have the ability in Coda to convert times to be timezone friendly for each viewer of the same data.

If each person is in their own doc and using the pack themselves, the data displayed will be their current timezone as set in Zoom.

Correct. I manage a study group and we want to list/sync our zoom meetings in Coda, however the time zone issue prevents that (our study group members are across the world). Hence need to do the conversion via manual formulas which unfortunately aren’t easily shareable.

Hey, can anyone please confirm if I can send Zoom Chat notifications to users based on email IDs through Coda automations? I’m looking for a functionality similar to sending emails using Gmail APIs presently