Retrieve Zoom meeting details for a specific response in Coda form

I have created a Coda Form and an automation which will create a Zoom meeting automatically.

Now that the zoom meeting is created, I want to send that details to requested user, how will I be able to achieve this?

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There are many ways to do this, but the most likely method will be running a from submitted automation, referencing Step1Result - and then using the gmail pack or another such pack to email the submitter the zoom link.

Here’s a quick video on automation basics that should give you what you need to know!

If you still need help, let us know and include a little bit more thorough context on your use case

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Problem Statement - Zoom is used only to set up external meeting, hence we don’t have individual Zoom IDs for everyone. We have one Zoom ID for the Team.

Solution we are looking for - Is there a way we have an automation where, the filling up of a Coda Form will automatically trigger to set up meeting in Zoom and then have this meeting information sent to all the attendees and have a blocker in their calendar.

Can we build this solution in Coda?

Oh yes absolutely! I’ve already built and am using one myself for my company

I essentially recreated Calendly/scheduling software on Coda and it allows people to schedule meetings, and then actually creates the zoom invites, Calendar invites, and invites everyone aproando sends confirmation emails.

What you need to do is a combination of form submitted automations that then fire off a bunch of Pack actions (Gcal, Zoom, Email, etc)

Let me know more specifically what you need help with!

Awesome thanks a lot Scott!

What I have created now is, a form submission will automatically create a zoom meeting.

I wanted to understand the logic on how this leads to sending an email and calendar invites to people.

It would be great if you could suggest me how do I do that? Thank in advance:)

Hey, Scott thanks a lot for the response.

I was able to automate, the response of the form to set up Zoom meeting and then send that calendar invite via Google Calendar.

The problem I’m facing now is, one the automation runs initially, the second response of the form it is throwing an error, because Coda is reading the “Start time” and “End time” as array.

So I need to move the row to a different table after the response from the form?

Hey there! Hard to help without more context like a screenshot or shared doc. Any chance you can share more information?

Hey @Scott_Collier-Weir , figured out a way to send out Zoom link in a Google Calendar Invite.

The challenge that I’m facing now is when I share this Doc with other person, they have to authenticate the first time - where the pop-up comes asking them to connect.

However, after authentication the first submitted request is not going until the same person submits the second request. Recording for your reference.

Can you explain more why you need to send the actual document to the individual? Aren’t you just attempting to create a zoom link upon form submission, and invite the submitter to the actual calendar event?

We want to share the actual document to the User because, the G-Cal meeting invite(with Zoom Link within) that goes out → The organiser of that meeting should be the person who submitted the form and that person makes the edits(adding more description, attachment, and more attendees) to the invite going out.

So, it’s important to make the person who submits the form as Organiser of the event.

This is amazing. Truly.

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