Millions of rows?

I’m considering updating Welcome to Move 2 Earn · Move2earn with historical floor price data, injecting about 50 rows at hourly intervals (which would become about half a million in a years time), with the possibility of higher row counts and frequency later.

At what row count should I seek to relocate the data from coda tables into dedicated external databases that are exposed to coda via packs?

This imported data would be used in charting, automated alerts, and a few formulas throughout the coda document.

Are we talking the threshold of rows being in the thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, billions?

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Usually - 10k rows is a rough and fuzzy limit for a Coda doc.

There are some workarounds (that come with their pros and cons) but with them I’ve stored upwards of 200,000 rows worth of data - and if you were smart about it it could potentially climb up to the millions.

Though I’d love to stress test it?

Overall though - consider 10k a rough limit and start seeking another solution past that number


Thanks for that.

I’ll migrate it from a document to a premium coda pack when I approach that threshold.

Here’s the specific page of the document for those interested:


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