Mobile menu options do not work?

Hi guys.

I can’t turn off the mobile tab bar. I just want a hamburger menu as the bottom buttons rob too much mobile screen space.

The mobile mobile tab settings don’t seem to function for me.


Hi @HammmerOz ! Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear you’re running into some issues with setting up your mobile view. Just so I understand, when you select the “Sidebar” option, is it not saving that mobile view when you view your doc on mobile? If you’re able to share anymore screenshots or a screencast displaying the issues, that would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Shiana,

Thanks for chipping in. To clarify, I am referring to custom domains. these settings don’t work for custom domains on mobile. You can show pages in menu via the settings, but there is no way to remove bottom tab navigation. Bottom tab navigation takes up a bit too much screen. I just want a hamburger menu.

Example on test domain I have


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