Mobile questions: keyboard opening on button and checkbox tap, button not appearing in grouped table

Hello, new to Coda but super impressed at how quick it’s been to knock together a recipes/shopping list doc/app I’ve wanted to make forever :slight_smile: Thanks Coda!

I have a view of an ingredients table that is grouped and filtered to make a shopping list for the week that I can check off as I go between different store areas (see screenshot below), but I’m noticing a couple issues:

  • Tapping on the “reset list button” sometimes selects the button label text and brings up the keyboard instead of executing the button action
  • Tapping on the checkbox on mobile (iOS) makes the keyboard come up, which makes it hard to scroll to other items.
  • I created a button that checks/un-checks a checkbox column thinking it’d potentially be a workaround, but I can’t get the button to appear on mobile even when making it the first column in the doc. Works fine on desktop, but does not appear on mobile.

Any tips and tricks are appreciated! In the meantime I’ll keep searching the forum and tinkering.

Thanks again Codans!


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