Monte Carlo Project Estimation

Our team at Little Robot is proud to unveil our latest project: the Monte Carlo Project Estimation Tool.

Built by @Courtney_Milligan1 and I, this doc allows you to input a broken-down task list with associated best and worst case time estimates, then outputs a detailed report complete with probabilities of completing the project at various price points. A short video can be seen below going over the pack and its capabilities in more detail.

This doc is powered by a custom pack we made called Monte Carlo Simulator. So you can either copy our doc to have a ready-to-go estimation tool or try building a customized version of the doc yourself. Try it out for your next project and let us know what you think of it!

*For a more in-depth explanation of how the pack works, checkout the How it Works section of our document. Furthermore, if you would like to know more about Monte Carlo Simulations in general, check out this Investopedia Article.