Project Estimate Template - A few questions

Hi all,
I’m looking to create a project estimate template, I’ve seen the tutorial videos and looked around the forum but still have a few questions.

First of, I am unsure how to share my example template :frowning: It says I can only share with people at my company. Here’s the link just in case:

Anyway, I’ll add a big picture at the end refering all the names below.

First, I have a table of preset tasks (TASKS TABLE) that we do on a project. Say, If we were to develop a web app, we have some stages and within each stage we have tasks. Also, every task is assigned to one or more people and has a duration.

Then, I also have a table for each member of the team (PEOPLES TABLE). This table feeds the one above.

Finally, I have a view for TASKS TABLE where I select which activities I will do for a specific project (DO TABLE):

Moving on to the questions:

A: I would like to have a dropdown control with project types (type A, type B …) so that when I choose an option, some activities are automatically selected in my DO TABLE. Is this posible?
B: Another thing I need is to have the total of the duration per stage. I have already managed this on a table with a filter (If “Do”=True then sum the Time). It’s pretty ugly tho lol is there a better way to visualize this? I tried with formulas on the canvas, but that wouldn’t be easy on maintenance (say if we added another stage)
C: I would also like to have a gantt chart (or any other chart) where I can see each member and the time that they are assigned to the project. So far I’ve managed to use a formula to sum the days as long as the task is selected for a specific person, but a chart or table would be easier to manage.

Thanks in advance, I know it’s a lot of text.