Move to next row or something after formula is run with a button click

So I have a table that is grouped by a “Status” column. I then have a button you click that will clear out the text in certain fields and change the text in the Status column. When the text is changed in the Status column it should move the record to the group with that same status. This used to work instantly when you clicked on the button. Now when you click on the button, the Status field does change, but the row stays in place and gives this message: “When you move your selection, this row will move to a new group based on current values.” Once I click anywhere outside of the row then the row will move.

I have been trying to figure out a way to add something to the formula in the button to have the row move as soon as you click the button so you don’t have to then click somewhere else before it will move. I tried adding a refresh to the formula, but that did not work.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

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Hi @Jennifer_Biggs!

We try to avoid making rows disappearing from underneath your cursor when you change a value that causes it to move position, as we’ve heard feedback that it can be confusing.

So this is currently working as expected, though I understand your feedback and perhaps it would be less surprising if something moves when the change is caused by clicking a button vs directly editing a value.

I’ll pass along your feedback to our team.



Thanks. I understand about not wanting the row to move until you are done editing, but the purpose of the button is to move it to another group. I was hoping that there was something I could put in my formula that would cause the cursor to move outside of the row so it would move.

@Jennifer_Biggs : You can create some sort of “landmark” on the canvas by using the url of the point where you wish your cursor should appear :blush:
(It’s not a perfect solution, but it does the job :innocent: )

I’m sorry, I don’t have a sample ready and it’s getting pretty late here :sleeping: but I might be able to get back to you with something tomorrow :blush: (if you can wait a little bit more :blush: )

Thanks. Don’t worry not an immediate need.