Change status for a group of tasks

Do you have any suggestions on how to move group of rows to another group of rows?

For example;

Lets say I have five accounts and need to write a six tasks for week 19. When finished writing they are then ready for visual content.

How can I change the status for all tasks in week 19 for that account marked ready for “visual content”?

Perhaps some variant of FormulaMap would help to assign the same tag or flag to all of the completed tasks

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@Henry_Martin could you post a picture of the table?

Hi @Henry_Martin here’s a couple options to more efficiently directly change them.

  • If you’re grouped by status, you can select all of the rows you want to change (shift+click on the row drag handles), and move them to the group for the updated status
  • First change one of the values, then copy the value. Then multi-select down the column the other cells you want to update with the new status, and paste.
  • You also could use lookup tables & formulas to make the status of all tasks match the status of the account (or vice-versa). The details depend a bit on your exact scenario and the flexibility you need
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Hey @Richard_Kaplan I have tried to find more info on FormulaMap and Upper, but don’t really understand how to use it. Can you point me somewhere for a better understanding? I didn’t find the Formula List helpful for these two.

@nathan does the first option work if I was dragging a group to a new status?

@Henry_Martin Could you perhaps post an image of your document so we can understand a bit better what you are trying to do?