Can't Get Status to Update in correct order


I’m trying to get my status to update appropriately.

I have a few different things going on here: But basically this is the formula to update the task status based on if the Due Date has been selected, the “Started?” toggle has been toggled “on”, certain date parameters have been met, and whether or not the done button has been pressed, indicating that the task is done. Please ask any questions you need, but the current formula is below:

Here’s the current formula:

If(IsBlank(thisRow.[Due Date])=false AND contains(thisRow.[Started?],true) and thisRow.[Start Date]<(thisRow.[Due Date]+5), List([In Progress], Ahead), if(IsBlank(thisRow.[Due Date])=false AND contains(thisRow.[Started?],true) and thisRow.[Start Date]=(thisRow.[Due Date]+1) and filter(thisRow.[Done?],false), List([In Progress], [Behind]), if(Isblank(thisRow.[Due Date])=false and isblank(thisRow.[Start Date])=false and filter(thisRow.[Done?],true), [Done!], [To Do] )))

And the current value is Done! So in total it’s not working properly at all, and I’m sure the logic is off. I tried the switch if formula to no avail. Terribly new at this!

Thanks all,

Share the doc! Much easier to help when a doc or copy of a doc is shared

Thank you, I will in the future.

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Great! Happy to help once that doc is shared

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