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I am trying to create a database table which can be used to display data from four levels. The following is what i want do do

  1. Choose Level 1 option ‘’ CONCRETE WORKS ‘’

  2. This will Show only Level 2 items linked to Level 1 item

  3. Choose one of Level 2 item and it will show all level 3 items under it

  4. Choose one of Level 3 item and it should be able to show all level 4 items under it.

  5. Choose one of the level 4 item under it.

  6. In a separate table we should be able to see the all items chosen from level 1 to 4.

Hi @Adan_Alnoor ,
please find here an example of how the data could be organized and all lookup levels accordingly.
Have a look at item settings in the lookup columns.

Just be aware that - according to your practical use-case - it might need to provide some UI guidance (see the conditional formatting for inconsistencies) for there is no automatic “trigger” to reset previous values.

I hope this helps.



Please can you allow me full control of the solution, i can only view it

@Adan_Alnoor ,
if you click on the three dots at top left (see screenshot below) you can copy the whole document and change it as you like.

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i was able to replicate the formulas and filters. kindly help on how to reset the values if you choose something else in level 1

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