Multiple relations in one table

I am trying to create a personal tasks table for each of the employees that would include tasks from various projects.
As far as I know it is possible to create only one relation for one table.
I would like this to work that way: employee sees a table with tasks only assigned to them, that tasks table connects with all other tasks tables from other projects, changing information (for example status) in one table affects corresponding row in correspoding table, adding new task in the personal tasks table also adds task in the corresponding table of tasks of given project.
I am new to Coda so I ask for being understanding and explaining the process adequately to my lack of experience.
Thanks in advance : )

Hi Wiktor, welcome to the community!

I would very strongly suggest that you reduce the number of tables.

In my case, I use a single task table, with lookup columns for project, staff, etc.

In this way you can get all the information you need by filtering in different views.


Thank you for fast reply.
The way I wanted to do this was so people in docs dedicated to a certain projects see all the tasks connected to that projects AND addidtionaly have place where they can see all their tasks from all project in one place. It is because we want to use Coda for an entire company and don’t want interferences between units. The idea for organization was: folder=unit, doc=project, page=details connected to the project; That way you could see what your coworkers are planning on doing in one specific task and don’t have access to projects or tasks you are not supposed to see. I was planing on doing public space where I wanted to create this table with multiple relations and filter it so everyone could only see their tasks.

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