Multiselect from Lookup

Hi all! I’ve got a sticky situation I’m hoping you can help with.

We’re building on the “How figma ships product” template and we would like to have a master table of all projects with Initiatives that can contain 1 or more Epics.

For a separate update table, I’d like to pull in each of the Initiatives as a select list for a new rows updates, then have that populate, in the next column, a list of the epics that are associated with that initiative. Unfortunately the formula of
[Master list of all Initiatives].[Epic/Project].Filter(CurrentValue)

Brings in all of the Epics that are associated with the initiative and I can’t figure out how to turn that into a select list.

Any ideas?


Hi @Matt_Peterson,

I hope you are well.

I was slightly confused by what you are asking. I got a copy of the doc mentioned but I think you have modified yours such that I cannot use it as a point of reference.

Taking what you have said I have created this demo doc. You can see the Sum of Epics column in the Projects table is counting how many Epics are associated with that project’s initiatives.

Please let me know if it is similar enough to what you are looking for.

If not, please could you provide more details on what you are trying to achieve. A safe copy of your doc or a quickly thrown together demo as I have created would be useful. Be sure to detail what outcome you are looking for and give examples where possible. I.e. In the [column name] drop down it should only show these options [Row 1, Row 3, Row 7, etc] if the formula was working as expect.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



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