My solution to quickly setup local dev environment using Docker Containers

While I love Pack studio, I personally prefer my local dev environement when developing packs.

Unfortunately, setting up local development environment for Coda SDK is not as easy as just having NodeJs and npm installed. but you also need to install isolated-vm which already has its own requirements. Instructions also differ whether you are on Windows, MacOs, or Linux. I faced some issues trying to setup my environment on my Windows machine until I gave up.

My solution instead is to use VSCode Remote - Containers extension to develop inside a container that has all the dependencies installed while having a local-quality dev environment. All you need is to have Docker and VSCode installed. This is how i’ve been developing packs ever since.

I created a guide to detail how to do so

AlahmadiQ8/coda-pack-local-dev: A template to intantly start developing coda packs locally with docker (

I’d appreciate your feedback on my approach.



this is exactly what i needed (although i wasnt clever enough to KNOW its exactly what i needed).

so well done indeed

firstly, for figuring out such an elegant (max benefit & min complexity) solution

and secondly, for being so generous, and sharing this with the community



Thank you so much for your words! honestly it makes me very happy that someone else find this useful.


Yessssss I think this will help people so much. I’m happy with the local dev setup I have, and will probably continue using it as-is, but it was a real pain to get started and this would have been so much faster. Thank you!