My "What's Next" task manager

image.png :wave: Hi

Thanks for taking a look at my doc.

The basic function of this task management doc is to surface what task to do next, based on a task score that is determined by various factors and weightings.

However, read the “About” section for a full description of how the doc works.

I hope you find something in here useful for your own docs. Any feedback and questions are welcome.



Hi Rohan, this looks really good! :rocket: I really like how easy it makes to automatically prioritize things. In my own todo I’m doing it manually each day by assigning priority labels so I’m inspired to see how I can automatize this.


Thanks @b4n, I hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for the mention @Rohan_M. I have since stepped away from Coda but I appreciate that my work and template has inspired others.