Need help with pie chart - time tracking

Hi Codans! :laughing:

I would really appreciate any help on this, I’m trying to create a pie chart that could track time based on a number of hours (in the bank). I included more informations on the doc, thank you for your time!

How about this? It uses a new table called “Chart” hidden in a new section called “Backstage”.

/edit - I wasn’t sure where the Call Times were supposed to feed through to. This just shows the pie chart pointing at the latest data.

Hi @Nick_Milner, thank you for your help

In the “Call times” sheet, the agents add their total call time. This is the number that needs to be substracted to the purchased hours, which would then equal the remaining hours. Don’t know if this is clear, I’m trying hard here :sweat_smile:

The rest is perfect! Thank you

How about now? I moved the input table into the same section so it’s easier to see it in action.

As new calls are entered the row is automatically date stamped with today’s date. All the calls are then summed into the row for that day in the “Purchase of Hours” table which then drives the chart.

There’s nothing stopping you going over the number of hours allowed - that’s a challenge for you. :wink:


Thank you for your time @Nick_Milner

I tried to apply the formula but I didn’t work. I have put everything on the same sheet to make it clearer. Everything works except the formula applied to the hours left. Here it is:

@Paul_Danyliuk could you take a look a this please? Thank you🙏

If I understand your needs correctly, you want:

  • a table where you log how much time is purchased (added to the total balance)
  • a table where you log how much time is spent (subtracted from the total balance)
  • a chart displaying spent vs remaining

Here’s my take on it:

Perhaps you need further segmentation (e.g. the original formula took only last purchase into account) — in that case let me know.

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@Paul_Danyliuk This is perfect thank you so much! :pray: