New [Beta] Pack - Enrichment

Hey all,

Our team uses for business intelligence and targeting, and have recently migrated much of our sales, account and CRM functionality to Coda. In order to support this, I’ve created a simple Pack that allows for quick enrichment of both companies, their employees, and their job postings.

Formulas allow for the URL of a company to be enriched and transformed into an object containing all available business information (contact, socials, funding, financials, employee headcount, etc). Other formulas allow for searching the company for employees with certain titles, returning fully enriched profiles of the individuals, and yet others allow for the search for job posts the company has made.

We use this to quickly fill out CRM entities; rather than inputting data individually, a simple URL or name or email can quickly populate the rest of the field. We also use it to help us find relevant contacts at target companies.

I’m releasing this pack as a beta for now as it only supports’s enrichment functionality, and not its more dynamic features (CRM functionality, account following, etc) which would require sync tables. If there’s enough interest and use with the pack, I would consider extending the functionality of the Pack, but as of now I have no idea how many other people actually use

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback, and I hope this is helpful to others to do a little less manual data entry!