New column type: Address


Please consider adding a column type to support addresses. This would render as a single column, but when editing would show individual fields for different components of the address (state, country, zipcode, etc).

Then allow columns to be grouped on these, so it’s easy to group by country / state.

Then allow showing the addresses on a map.


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An address isn’t a scalar entity so it’s not really something that belongs in a single column. The good news though is that you can build something that does what you want pretty easily in Coda. :slight_smile:

I knocked something together that lets you enter address details into separate columns, but then automatically generates a complete address in another column and even shows a map. You can then group by any of the individual address components.

Here’s the example…


That’s exactly the sort of thing I think Coda could do automatically. Take a look at how Knack does it for example – an address column renders as a single column, but clicking to edit it pops up a small modal that shows the individual address components for ease of editing (it does the same for names as well, giving separate fields for title, first, last, but that render as a single column while still allowing grouping).