New Control & Column Idea: Consolidated "Button Dropdown" / "Button Menu"

It would be so great if there was a control “/buttondropdown”, that would allow you to add a list of existing buttons to a dropdown.

This would also work great for having a column type that allows you to list hidden buttons (of your choice) from the same table.

Anyone have thoughts or further ideas to make this better?

  • Also needs maybe a reorder icon to drag the order of the buttons around.

Shorthand: “/buttondropdown”

Control Output:

Control Setings:

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This would be great because you could consolidate row action buttons for a cleaner UI.

Agree, that’d be cool.

Meanwhile there are workarounds to have something like that — buttons in popups, e.g. like this:

(implemened here)

The above example is extreme but there are also simpler ways to achieve this — e.g. by introducing a separate table with just the columns for buttons, one row in that table per one row in this one, and use a lookup to bring up the popup with buttons.