New Line in FormulaMap


I’m trying to write out some lines in a table into text using FormulaMap()

Right now they all show up as a list, and I was trying to figure out a way to line break between the list. Any thoughts? Concatenate(Value, “\n”) etc aren’t seeming to work

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Character(10) generates line breaks.

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Using Concatenate(CurrentValue, Character(10)) or CurrentValue + Character(10) in FormulaMap are both not working. The + is leading to crazy values (grid-843…), and the Concatenate is leading to commas on a second line vs actually moving the next item to the next line. Any thoughts?


I always use Concatenate(), never +.

Hard to see the , that is there on the first one with the formula, attaching both

Second where you can see the comma


Does appending your formula with .BulletedList() give you a satisfactory result?

Actually, I think that might be a bug.

@mallika Here’s some quick testing:

BulletedList did fix it! But still seems quite buggy :slight_smile:

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We’ve been here before, @Ander => Escape characters?

It only seems to work inside a cell at the moment, and the team are aware of it.