New mobile design missing iOS sharing and other basic features?

You couldn’t take Coda desktop away from me without a fight but the mobile app needs some very basic work.

I was excited to try the new mobile design as I’ve been using Apple Notes for notes because it has been too difficult to use Coda from a phone or tablet for the most basic tasks.

Here is an example of steps that most people use every day with Apple Notes, Microsoft OneNote, Evernote, etc…

  1. From any iOS browser, share a web site to Coda using the iOS share sheet.

Um, where is the Coda icon? Full stop!

In all other notes programs you do step one to save the bookmark by sharing which brings up the Notebooks for that app then you drill down to the desired note or create a new one. Even Apple Notes does this well.

As a workaround I copied the url link to a Coda doc in mobile and tried to change the view of the link as you can do in desktop version.

Again, full stop. Mobile doesn’t allow a long press to use a different link view.

Rather than try to get every feature from desktop working in mobile why not start by getting the basic features first?


Hi Sarah,

Could you add this to the suggestions tab so people can view on it?

I added it. If others users see this please vote on it.


Here is the link to the feature in suggestions:


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