Suggestions for Basics on Writing & Mobile

I love Coda, but it’s been hard to use as thee source when my mobile phone is a primary tool for use.

Coda is not winning at the basics in my opinion and it could be harming growth.

There should be no reason that all features can’t be deployed via mobile. Make mobile a priority.

Basic writing in Coda is challenging because the minimum or commonly used shortcuts simply are not there like find and replace. Want to be a replacement as a basic online doc, try writing a book in the tool. You’ll find it’s challenging.

On iPhone for example, Notion is an option to open content into, save to, etc. Coda is lost. This is supposed to be my go-to note taking app right?

it’s safe to assume that Coda has de-prioritized mobile for years now. This is par for course in Notion and so much more. I’m trying so hard to not switch. Notes App on iOS is more fully featured than Coda on mobile.

These are just a few examples of the challenges. Is there a reason why these basics have been left undone?

Both are true. Mobile-first, Coda is not. @Frank_Strack should chime in.

I tend to avoid any use of Coda Mobile; it’s simply not keeping up with my use cases. I’ve had pretty success with Coda + Safari, and I use it with GrammarlyGO a lot.

To simplify using Coda (Safari) as a note-taking app, I capture all notes into a single document and then use a way too elaborate method using packs and webhooks to classify (using Coda AI) and forward notes to key documents. I take these automation ideas to an irrational extreme to learn, mostly.