New Pack: Fuzzy String Matching - A pack to assist with imperfect searching of strings

After struggling with finding imperfect matches for lookups or recommendations, I’ve created a simple pack to provide formulas for evaluating fuzzy string matches…

It provides formulas for Levenshtein Distance, JaroWinkler Distance, and Bitap Matching.

I hope that it can help others (and me!) make a few more mistakes with grace.


Congrats on making the Pack! It looks like you haven’t published it yet though (I get a redirect when I click the link). This may be because you released the Pack but haven’t yet published it (it’s a common mistake). You can read more about publishing here:

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Whoops! Thank you, I’ve now published. Thanks Eric!

Thanks, I love it, really cool. :clap:

Looking forward to a lot of very imprecise use of this!. :wink:

Ha, thanks all. Let me know how it works out/anything that could make it better fit your use-case