Ways to exclude/deprioritize items in the search bar?

Hi, is there a better way to prevent/dis-prefer certain things in a search bar, or encourage it to rank rows from certain tables above others?

I’m having a problem where users are searching for things and getting vaguely-related entities (intersection tables, etc) higher than what they’re actually looking for.


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If you’re talking about the overall doc search, there aren’t any ways to affect or control what it shows at the moment. It is something that we want to continue to work on, but I don’t have any helpful insights into the algorithm at the moment that would help to “game” the system.

If you’re talking about table search, you can get as creative as you want with that. Here’s one example of search scoring.

Search with accuracy meter

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Ah thanks Ben!
I was indeed referencing the overall doc bar. Was mostly looking for a way to ensure that some table results (directly editable tables, for instance) always ranked higher than others (secondary/helper tables, lists of lookup values, etc. etc.).

That’s a cool search function though! Should combine it with my Fuzzy String Matching pack to get even more forgiving!

You’re the pack maker! I was checking that out and wanted to see about getting into some solutions like this. Very cool!

Was kinda my first experiment with pack making, so it’s a pretty basic implementation of the algorithms. Would love any feedback you have; If I get the time, I may see about less granular implementations of the various formulas (ways to pass in a search term + large list that returns the position of the closest match via various algorithms, for instance). Originally I wanted to leave as much control in the hands of the end-user, but found the server-side handling makes that less useful.

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