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I’am using user formula in a table to filter information on user level. I created this formula for security reasons so that others users wouldn’t see information of other users.

Now via the search bar on the upper left corner in the doc you could search, for example a name, and then you will find all the information, even from the table that got a user filter. Im not sure if this is a bug but now you can bypass the user filter by using the search bar on the upper left corner. For me this is a serious problem, cause now I have no idea how to create a secure space of information for different users in my coda doc.


hi @Andre_Malotaux ,

It is a well known issue and I do not consider it as a bug, but as a temp hick up. Temp because the day we have real 2WS (stage 4) we will distribute data easily over documents, that is not for anytime soon, but in the works.

You can use cross docs and share filtered views or use a webhook based logic (there are packs) to push data to other docs. I do understand you would liked to have read something different, but this it is for now.

Sorry for bringing you the bad news, cheers, Christiaan

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Hello Christiaan,

Thanks for explaining.

But what i don’t understand is that any user can search a row, for example the picture attached, i have searched for the name “alard”. The search bar show me results of rows where “alard” is named in a column. Then, I can’t change any information via the search bar in the row, except pressing the button “ik ben er bij”. It doesn’t matter what the filters are in the original column, you can press the button. Why is the button not locked?

hi Andre,

Initially I assumed it was a temp hick up, but when I researched the issue further I noticed what you mentioned: the search bar reveals all. This has been a known issue for a couple of years, but so far I do not get the impression that the Coda team is willing te review this behaviour. You are not the only one worried about it. Others like @joost_mineur proposed ways to improve the current situation, but as mentioned no response from Coda HQ.

It feels like having a race car without breaks, tempting and dangerous.

Cheers, Christiaan

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there is a workaround…