New Pack to set the COVER IMAGE of a Page

This is the early v1.0 of a pack that will allow the COVER-IMAGE of a page to be set using formulas.

For now the Action Image( Doc, Page, ImageUrl, Token) is ready to use.
The goal is to be able to use the COVER-IMAGE of a page as a Dashboard display, showing graphics generated by the formulas, tables and values in your doc.

In future releases we will add the following actions

  • Svg() - to render SVG drawing code onto the cover-image
  • Text() - to render the given text (setting font-face, font-size, text-color and background-color etc.
  • Combine() - mixes images, text and icons to display on the cover-image
  • P5() - renders P5 drawing code onto the cover-image
    Html() - to use HTML/CSS to define the cover-image

These are all implemented as ACTIONS because the uploading of a cover-image is a significant load on the Coda API and servers, and there is a delay of tens of seconds before the image is displayed.

So its only intended to be used very infrequently to create and display a graphical dashboard etc that is only updated daily for example.



this pack can be used in conjunction with the excellent Edit Images Pack by @Paul_Danyliuk to combine background, images, text blocks etc - and then display the resulting image on the banner of a page

Ha cool!

And funny, because just yesterday I was thinking of rendering dashboards into where images can be placed. Although I didn’t think about page headers but images in cards, to make more compact / branded cards overall.

(this isn’t a dashboard but some random SVG I found on the web, so just imagine some charts and gauges here:)


Clever. This is a cool idea because it expands the realestate while allowing branding, and other data to appear in a consistent location.

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Good idea :slight_smile: , nice work ^^