New tablet (Android 9): performance and app looks

I hope someone can shed some light on the following:

we have been using coda for a while now, on computers, tablets and various phones. We were most happy with the performance on computers and most phones, the tablets were older ones and a bit slow.

The way the tables show on android (phone and tablet) worked best for our application when we are ‘out in the open’, the table rows show initially as blocks and you can swipe them sideways to show row buttons.

Because our tablets are a bit older, they are also a bit slow. Therefore I just bought some newer tablets, octocore with high res displays and android 9.x, but a couple of things really surprise me:

  1. it is still a bit slow to respond to pushing the buttons, screen refresh is a bit slow too.
  2. the application now looks the same as when it is run on chrome on my computer: the interface with the blocks is gone and I can only look at the table as a real table.

Now these are modern, but inexpensive tablets. Is it the tablet? Will I get better performance when I buy the newest Samsung tablet?
And, what about the way the tables show up: can I somehow get it to display the same as on my phone? I think I asked this before, but is there (going to be) an option where we can switch (on any device) to displaying tables the we like best for different uses/different tables? (for the record: on the older tablets (including with Android 7) the tablets show the tables in the block-type view (with the option icon to go to table view).

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I am kind of surprised no one has given any reaction to my posting about the app looks - not even a Codan. This is a serious issue and it bothers me that I cannot get it solved.

In the meantime I have done some research and tested 2 more tablets with Android 9.x, one from Lenovo and one from Samsung. Both display Coda tables the way I had expected, like I have gotten used to on mobile devices.

Even though my inexpensive Chinese tablet has the same Android version, something in the hardware or the sofware makes it to show Coda as if it is used on a windows computer. In some cases this can be nice, but not if you can’t control it.

The only setting that I can think of to be of infuence is the ‘Desktopsite’ in chrome, but for Coda it makes no difference.

I have purchased a new tablet, but I really would like to know what is happening. Anyone?

Hi @joost_mineur :smile:
I’ll give you my 2 cents but i’m sure a codan will be more useful here :slight_smile:

I’m using coda doc lately in the “publishing mode”, this give me 2 improvements points, the first one is that everything is more clean, the second one is that i rarely need edit capabilities “on-the-go” so to see contents i can also use the browser :slight_smile:

I’ve tried on the app but a lot of detailed view become broken, so basically the entire layout of the app is gone…and i often make mistake (like touch in undesired spot opening view that was not supposed to be viewed etc…)

My best-practices as today are:

  1. create and edit doc on pc
  2. publish it (play mode if it’s a demo and edit with locking if it’s like a form that needs to accept input and record them) - if you do not want to make it public just turn off the discovery :slight_smile:
  3. visit it in web browser, if i want the “app experience” on mobile, i just create a shortcut of the webpage into the screen :slight_smile:

Till this time i’ve found myself pretty much ok with this setup, and sincerely i do not know what else i loose using this pathway, apart from android notification from the doc :grin:

p.s. the app needs a lot of work for me, but it’s not the first thing to work on, for example in my opinion it would be useless to adapt detailed view into mobile, they are not the perfect layout solution, but just a workaround to have more beautiful layouts :slight_smile: so it could be better to first find a better way to organize content and then port this into the app :slight_smile:

Hope to give you something to “inspire” you :slight_smile:

Have a nice day, Mario :slight_smile: