New to Coda - Excited but Quirky. Could use some help

I watched the essentials videos and Coda seems everything I’m looking for. But I have trouble getting used to, and following are the things I tried and it’s odd.

  1. Create page: But I don’t see create page on a new account. All I see is Create Doc, and when I did one, it showed up New Page. So If I work with 3 people, would Doc considered as dedicated page like ti is explained in the essential video? and then new page inside of the doc is called sub-page? It’s confusing.

  2. I copy pasted a bulleted list like below to the doc and it did not keep the format. It is extremely time consuming to move the cursor. All of these below just stacked one after another, and i have over 1000 lines of content for a course. How do make it effective?


  1. What is Coda?
    a) abcdef
    b) ghijkl

But when I pasted the above, everything is right after on the same starting space. How do I keep the same source format? If it’s not possible, what’s the easiest way to have the proper tabbing?

  1. How to move the cursor? If I use the arrow key, it just move the page down or up. I want to move the cursor and it seems slow. If I double click, sometimes cursor shows up, and sometimes it’s not.

  2. I’m on Mac, and i used the keyboard shortcut to use cmd+shift+0 to create a collapsible list which I think is the perfect format for my course content so all I will see is the module name, and expand will show lesson, and expand will show details of the lessons. How to achieve that easily with my existing document ?

  3. If I invite a couple of users who are also free users, can we still collaborate without having a paid plan? Should I make them as docmaker or editor? I assume editor if i just want them to edit the file I create.

Looking forward to some assistance. Thank you so much in advance.


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