Next row in detail view + view of items on left?

I have learned here that if I want to programmatically move from one row to the next row in detail view, I can do it by using “Bottom” navigation.

The down side of that is that you lose the list of rows on the left, which is helpful for keeping track of where you are in a list:

03.05.22 10.09.34

Is there anyway to keep the list on the left AND use a shortcut key to move to the next row?

I tried CTL + Option + ] on Mac, which only works in “Bottom” view.

Many thanks, Gregg

this can be done

add 3 new columns to your table

one (lets call it ID) is the row number, set the column type to RowId (under properties)

which numbers each row.

the other two are buttons, one labeled ‘Next’, the other ‘Previous’

the action for next is


and for previous it is


display those buttons in your detail view, keeping the navigation to the side.

there are other ways to do this, but this is the easiest to explain.
i have not handled the cases where you are already on the first or last row - the buttons simply fail to work and you stay on the same row.

how it works:

each row has its own unique ID number. it may have gaps in the sequence if you have deleted rows, but thats ok


thisTable.Filter(ID>thisRow.ID) will return a list of rows whose ID is bigger than this row’s ID

so we select the First() one from that list and do OpenRow() on it.

that opens the detail view for that row - which is what you want.


thisTable.Filter(ID<thisRow.ID) returns a list of rows whose ID is less than the current ID and we want to select the Last() one as the row we want



Beautiful, can’t wait to try it! First or last row is not an issue…thank you!

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