Not happy with Coda and its System

So Im really trying to use coda. but its just not working out… Lets. see Automation to complex and not running. Like Monday or Clickup. very Complex to have simple task automated.

Next. The Google calendar pack. Very hard to connect. No videos or help on how to really get your task from coda to google cal. So Frustrated.

I have a full build in Notion and the reason i was looking to switch is Automtation and i thought it was more advance, but not seeing that. I have an account in clickup but their UI is. not the best and lately app has sucked. and their doc’s arean’t good on mobilel

Is there something specific that you would like the community to help you with?


At first maybe it seems a little complex - but both automation and packs are super easy to use. You are probably just misunderstanding coda formula language - its super simple - way more powerful and easier than lets say excel. I mean Google Cal you just provide your login information…

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Also, if you did the least bit of searching. you will find Libraries of Videos and Documentation about almost anything by CODA. just look in the help tab.

Thanks for the feedback. One thing you can count on, is that Codans are constantly listening to user feedback and working very hard to make it easier and easier to work with Coda.

One of my favorite Coda learning resources is Coda | Learn Coda, the Coda learning doc. This doc (built in Coda, of course) contains various lessons that work your way into the product. With the learn doc, you can learn by watching videos — including our amazing Essentials series — or learn by doing individual exercises.

We’re also here for additional support if you need it :slight_smile:


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