Now This is a very cool specific use

not sure what i could use this for though, this is really only useful if something was being shared

typically you’d structure info differently and in a useful way if you were going to arrive at a more useful end

cant think of anything atm it’d be useful for if you were using it for yourself, can you think of anyting?

the scaling system of 1-10 used by whoeever made this wasn’t a good way to do this, they should’ve a) narrowed down the scaling, or b) made the features much more specific instead of extremely general - esp if they read all those articles/stuff they linked elsewhere
for this to be much more useful

o well

when you click anywhere in the sheet/table section, page jumps/skips to the sheet/table - that is good

What is missing from the comparison is the ability to use boolean logic when filtering. It is one of the major things that caused me to switch from Notion to Coda.