[Offer] A specific real estate setup

I am a real estate agent and I work with about 150-200 homes each year. I want to set up something where each home is a project, each with possibly many tasks and I want to be able to move those projects (homes) through a Kanban (card) system. Certain homes are coming soon, some are active, some are under contract and it would be nice to quickly view just those types of project groupings. I don’t care about moving tasks through the board, only the entire projects along with their tasks, preferably grouped in separate boards or views by type (active, under contract, etc). I would also like to see those tasks combined by due date in one unified place with a variety of viewing options. Including files, images, links and/or notes are all desired as well, if possible. I have set this up in Notion with a master task list from which I create boards and views.

Can this be done the same way or better in Coda and would I start with a task template, a project template, a master task list from scratch or by some other means? Obviously a new guy

Hi @royko,
and welcome to Coda Community! :handshake:

It sound like a real project indeed!
I’m sure you will find Coda an excellent solution: it is truly powerful and flexible to greatly cope with nearly any management needs.
Further, it’s evolving at the speed of light!

If I may, I’d suggest to have a look at the Doc Gallery and play around to get familiar with the underlying principle; not to find your solution: rather to explore the potentials.
Afterwards, list out your needs and typical use cases.
Finally - if you already have skills in Notion - I guess that the transition should be quite smooth to implement your own solution, along with this community.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with Coda consultants (aka Makers).
I am myself one, but you might find an exhaustive list here:



HI Royko,

Welcome to CODA!

I have spent much of the last year using both Notion and CODA. I started out with Notion, and had recorded quite a lot of work in Notion before I discovered CODA. Recently I wanted to build a specific template, not just record things, and tried both. I found that it was easier to work in CODA. But it is much of a personal choice. Both are good, i might even prefer Notion’s interface :look and feel".

To answer your question, I am certain that you could replicate what you have done in Notion into CODA. I have done something that already solves a lot of your questions. The link is here

I want to be able to move those projects (homes) through a Kanban (card) system
The doc has something called the Funnel, which I think does something very similar. Mine is column based, but you can change it to a card view.

grouped in separate boards or views
Although the template was developed as a todo list, there are several views already maintained. It is also extremely easy to build your own views, it works very much the same as Notion.

see those tasks combined by due date in one unified place
In the example this is done by using “Simple General Todo”. Everything in this doc is done in one table. As soon as a task is given an activity date, it will appear in the Simple General Todo view.

My convention, not always followed, is to pre-fix tables with tab-, Lookup tables with lkup-, columns with col- and buttons with but-. (You will see there are a couple of buttons to move or copy tasks a certain period.

Use the Doc as inspiration, feel free to copy and modify it, or copy it into an existing document of yours. (Everything is in one page by design to make copying easier.)

Have fun!

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How do you search in Coda Marketplace by Data Type?

For example, only view Makers in South America?


Copy the Market place doc to your own workspace, then filter on location.


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Thanks Piet but looks like it can’t be copied. That must be the issue. View only?

Hi royko.

Any progress on this??


You should be seeing a copy button like this:

CODA Support would need to help you with that.

In the meantime, here are the three South Americans on the list:

Ah super - thanks Piet for those extra details - much appreciate it!

Will have to lookup how to design filters better, since this is not intuitive for sorting/searching by the data/criteria…

Thanks again! :wink:

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